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Bypass the waitlist for RankIQ by watching the video below and clicking on the link at the end of the video.

Bypass the waitlist for RankIQ by watching the video below and clicking on the link at the end of the video.


What Users Are Saying About RankIQ

I have used SEMRUSH and AHREFS for several years. While they are comprehensive products, that's the problem! The sheer number of keyword results is so vast, that it takes an enormous amount of time to select the right keyword. RankIQ on the other hand gives you hand selected keywords for your niche that can rank, saving you precious time that can be better use either writing content, optimizing your site, getting backlinks or all of the other tasks a blogger must do. But, it gets better. Not only do you get thousands of keywords for your niche, you also get two more critical pieces of information: 1. The best words to use in your title. You know creating a great title is 80 percent of the work, because if no one clicks your title, they will never see your content. Instead of stumbling around trying to figure out a catchy title, now at least you have a roadmap to a title that Google believes users will be most drawn to for your chosen keyword/keyword phrase. and - 2. The most important topics and keywords that Google expects to see on a high performing post. While RankIQ will not write the post for you, it will guide you to the topics that you need to write about. Plus, it will give you the keyword variations that Google expects to see. Not only is RankIQ great for new posts, it is phenomenal for old posts. Hang on to the next section where I will go into detail. I also like the fact that I can write inside of RankIQ's content optimizer. I find that very useful especially when updating an old post. I open one window with RankIQ content optimizer on the left and the post I am updating on the right, and as I work though the recommended topics and keywords, I make the changes simultaneously to my published blog post. If you only use this product to update old posts, it is very worthwhile. I have benefited greatly as I describe in the next section. Another plus is that you will get next day turnaround/responses to any problems you come across. (read full review)
"I started using RankIQ when it launched a few months ago, and have been loving the analyzer tool that helps you know exactly which important words (dozens of them - not just 1 or 2 keywords) appear in the best content on google's top results for your target keyword. The tool analyzes your actual blog post and gives suggestions for words to add. This is super valuable for me in writing and..." Read Full Review
"I have been a member of both KWFinder and Ahrefs for quite some time. While both are powerful in their own right, it takes days (if not weeks) to narrow down the golden keyword phrases that will make Google and Pinterest happy. From there, it takes another few days to search through the first few pages of Google to compile a list of topics to include in my content. RankIQ does all of this for..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ takes the guesswork out of article writing and creation. You can either use the tool to find topic ideas (that have been thoroughly researched and ranked) or run your own keywords through to figure out what should be included in your content. I particularly like the content optimizer tool that allows me to place old content for review which then tells me how to make it better. This has..." Read Full Review
"As what I would consider an "intermediate" blogger, using RankIQ has allowed me to scale my content in a way that I wasn't able to before. Previously, I spent more time hunting for reasonable and "rankable" keywords than I spent writing. Now, I can spend more time writing because RankIQ has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the time I spend mining for keywords. In addition to that, the Content Optimizer..." Read Full Review
"The best part of using rankIQ is having the access to keyword libraries created by Brandon using his proven keyword research methods. It gives you the best keywords and keyword phrases to use by lowest competition and allows you to run a repot. This report gives you valuable information on what keywords to make sure you target by giving you a grade needed to have the best chance to rank on..." Read Full Review
"I'm blown away by how simple it is to use RankIQ! I expected to have a learning curve involved, but Brandon lays it out so easily in his video. It really only took minutes until I was finding top-ranking keywords that fit my niche. Using the Content Optimizer makes fixing up my old posts quick and easy while writing new posts becomes a much easier task. Email support is fast. All in all, I am..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ has a powerful AI SEO report that provides hundreds of keywords surrounding any keyword or longtail keyword you're aiming for. Supporting words, descriptors, variations, and even title analysis to make sure you have the best possible title. But my favorite part of the tool is something other keyword sites don't: the content optimizer. It's amazing! It scans your text for missing..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is by far the most comprehensive and user-friendly SEO tool I've ever used for blog posts. It has completely changed the way I write blog posts, and has helped me to rapidly improve my search rankings by helping me produce the highest-quality, most comprehensive content possible. ..." Read Full Review
"I love the personal communication that you get with Brandon, the creator of RankIQ. You can personally request a new keyword library for him to research. You can reach out to him with an email and he will actually respond (no cookie-cutter auto-responses)..." Read Full Review
"I love the fact that I know my articles will rank on Google because RankIQ uses Latent Semantic Indexing to ensure that Google receives the right signals. And best of all - I don't have to guess what Google is looking for because RankIQ produces fantastic results in seconds..." Read Full Review
"I love how user-friendly RankIQ is. It has made me more strategic in my writing and has been a time saver..." Read Full Review
"What I like best about Rank IQ is how impactful it has been on my website rank AND my writing. It has made me slow down and really think through how I am using the keywords. The tool makes the potential to rank feel tangible. What is the best about that is that I keep ranking for the primary keywords that the tool said that I would. It isn't every day that you find a tool that actually..." Read Full Review
"I can easily spend hours on other sites combing through keyword lists to find a recipe that I will rank for on Google. On RankIQ I can quickly browse the list of already selected keywords and find 5 or 6 new recipes for my blog!! I can even have the outline completed in less than 20 minutes..." Read Full Review
"I signed up for RankIQ a couple of months ago. I was going to try it out just to see if it was what it claims to be. I have to say that I am very pleased with the success I have had. My page views are up and I have several new blogs ranking in Google already. This takes the guesswork out of what it takes to get on page one and it's a resource that I will share with all of my blogger friends..." Read Full Review
"It helps me with figuring out what to write about when it comes to the keywords/recipes I am going after. This way, not only posts are through but also I am providing a blog post with all the useful information based on data..." Read Full Review
"I am very happy with the keyword library on Rank iQ. It found keywords that I hadn't thought of and really cut down my research time. It also gave me great ideas for my next website, and I am sure to implement them again! Highly recommend trying this tool. I also find the LSI keywords helpful and seeing my writing graded at the end..." Read Full Review
"The keyword research is done for you...and it's actually done right! The keyword library is full of useful, easy to rank for search terms. And with the content optimizer, your chances of ranking for those keywords skyrocket. But your chances increase of ranking for more than the target keyword, you will likely also rank for many other related keyword phrases if you include all the suggested..." Read Full Review
"I absolutely LOVE RankIQ! I got really burnt out from blogging and took a year off, but finding this tool has re-energized me and helped me focus my efforts on keywords I can actually rank for! I used the Content Optimizer to make sure I was hitting all the topics that the Google Gods wanted me to, and my post is now #9 after only being published for 3 weeks. I'm excited to use this to improve..." Read Full Review
"I like how easy to use Rank IQ is. It's simple to search for low competitions keywords by niche. The AI SEO report makes creating a title and outline for the blog post so easy. The content optimizer is a great tool to make sure all the important topics are covered in the post..." Read Full Review
"I love the keyword libraries that makes it so much faster to find rank-able keywords. This saves me hours every week..." Read Full Review
"The most valuable part of Rank IQ is the ability to find low competition, high volume search terms for your niche. Since I am just starting out blogging, I was not sure which direction to take my blog. I am easily able to search for key terms to find post topics. Not only does Rank IQ provide the long-tail key phrase, but a whole list of key terms that you want to use in your post. Then I..." Read Full Review
"Rank IQ is a no-nonsense program that has already improved my site's rankings after just a week of use. After taking shots in the dark with keywords for years, RANK IQ is an invaluable tool that will tell you exactly what to do to finally start ranking. I love that it can help me with title creation as well as telling me just how fast I can start ranking, even with a low domain authority..." Read Full Review
"The tool makes things easy by simply going to the keyword library (after selecting my niche from a dropdown) and scanning through keywords that have been handpicked already by Brandon. I also love that I can enter in my own keywords (if I'm targeting a keyword that I selected myself). It is also beneficial for updating old posts to improve rankings. I also love that the tool tells me the..." Read Full Review
"I love how easy RankIQ is to use. Simple..." Read Full Review
"The very detailed intro video made RankIQ very easy to use. The simple steps that cut out all unnecessary data cut my keyword research time in half. I am confident that using RankIQ will help me write the best articles I have ever written and cover ideas I hadn't even thought to include..." Read Full Review
"I love that I can quickly search my main topics and find a ton of long tail keywords I know I can rank for. I have several sites and have found a bunch of of keywords quickly. I can then use the content grader to spruce up my posts and add in lsi words I wouldn't have found on my own..." Read Full Review
"The content optimizer kicks butt! When you see a huge list of topics that Google wants you to write about it makes writing better higher-performing blogs. The interface is very simple and the entire system and philosophy are easy to understand and use. Of course, the most obvious thing that makes RankIQ awesome is the fact that it works! RamkIQ has not only made my blog posts that I've used..." Read Full Review
"It saves so much time in optimizing my blog posts and writing an article that can rank #1 on Google. It bypasses so many steps that you would need to do with other keyword research tools. I especially like that it gives specific recommendations to use when writing titles with a list of the highest-ranked titles on that topic. The content analysis section is invaluable to help determine the best..." Read Full Review
"Rank IQ has cut my blog post writing time literally in half. All of the tools and best keywords related to my topic are right there within the software allowing me to focus less on research and more on being productive and creative. As a mom of 2 sometimes fitting my blog writing into breaks in our family schedule, this has been a complete game changer..." Read Full Review
"Finally, a keyword research tool that you don't get lost in. I used to dread trawling through hundreds of keywords to find a few elusive gems, but Rank IQ has eliminated the grunt work. I don't have to spend hours any more looking for low and medium difficulty keywords that I have a decent chance ranking for. I can use that time for writing more recipe posts. A complete gamechanger..." Read Full Review
"I particularly like how easy it is to optimize old blog posts. I have a lot of thin content on my site that I wrote years ago but with a bit of tweaking can still be relevant today. Enter RankIQ. I have been working through these posts and am just starting am looking forward to seeing these posts start to work for themselves by bringing in traffic. I am also updating ranking traffic to push..." Read Full Review
"This program is fantastic and really gives me insight into structuring my post so that they can rank better on Google! This is an easy-to-use program filled with information that is so valuable when writing a post..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is easy to use. The upside is it makes finding keywords that google likes much easier. It helps let me know how many words my articles should be. That fucus' what I write about and in making an outline for each article..." Read Full Review
"I used to have SemRush however it got very expensive. But one of my favorite features was using their content optimizer to help you write blog posts and now RankIQ does that! I absolutely love it and have been writing all of my blog posts inside RankIQ to make sure they are fully optimized..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is very streamlined + easy to navigate. The training video that you watch before diving in is exceptionally clear and helpful. - This tool filters out only highly related results, so you aren't sifting through thousands of meaningless results (which is a big time waster) - There is a fantastic Facebook group for support (with a very responsive moderator) - I also love the grading..." Read Full Review
"I have taken a few older blog posts and run them through RankIQ. I was shocked at the score that the posts received from the AI. After about 30 minutes of corrections, though, I reposted them. Each of them jumped up 30 or more spots on Google within 2 months. The system helps you create a powerful title for new posts, and then just skim through the recommended keywords to find your main..." Read Full Review
"Easy to run the reports and get insights on where I should be improving both the length and quality of the content, but also which works and phrases I should be including in them..." Read Full Review
"RankIQ allows me to search for keywords quickly and easily and even allows me to run reports that can assist me in writing blog posts for my niche. The narrowing down process has already been done and now I can hone in on exactly the topics and keywords I need to use in my blog posts to get the most traffic possible..." Read Full Review
"There isn't a guessing game or need to analyze the data. It is just all in front of you- what you really need to rank- instead of having to search around like other tools. It is a suped-up version of SEMRush's SEO writing assistant..." Read Full Review
"Overall presentation, transparency and ease of using it is fantastic. This is the first time I am employing services to enhance SEO ratings, and it has been worth it with RANKIQ..." Read Full Review
"I love the ease of using RankIQ. Additionally, I love the fact that it is so straightforward and gives me exactly the information I need to succeed. A few weeks in and I am seeing great results, plus I know what I am doing right and have figured out what I was doing wrong..." Read Full Review
"Using Rank IQ is teaching me to write for SEO optimization. I love that I have a magic formula for writing without having to do the research myself. It is extremely easy to use and helps me understand how to write for what people are searching for instead of my own personal preferences. The software is very stable. I have not lost content even when using unstable wifi..." Read Full Review
"It works!! It is definitely one SEO tool that is effective in helping my articles rank better. The concept is simple and makes sense but does a lot of the keyword research for you that helps an article rank. It takes some of the basic research of an article topic and condenses the process. It scans the top 30 articles based on a keyword you plugin. It shows the length your article needs..." Read Full Review
"I love that Rank IQ takes away all of the confusing elements of SEO. It's a straightforward tool to use to identify keywords to rank in search engines. I like that the owner, Brandon, is extremely responsive to questions through email and through his Facebook group. He is willing to walk you through any issues you're having and give you examples of actual life keyword research..." Read Full Review
"As an arts and crafts blogger, I find SEO and keyword research the most challenging part of creating a post. It's just never made sense to me, even when I tried other keyword research tools. Honestly, they were so hard to understand that it made it feel impossible. When I heard that RankIQ was built for bloggers and simplifies keyword research, I decided to try it. I've totally been loving it...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is a must-have tool for all bloggers. Not only does it save a lot of time using the keyword suggested but it also helps in content optimizing. It helps bloggers find the right keywords for their niche and also the type of content and word count expected from a particular topic. It makes the blogging task a lot easier and saves bloggers like me a lot of time in the keyword research...." Read Full Review
"I would have to say that the best feature to Rank IQ is its ease of use. I spent about a day poking around in it and running reports to see what I could possibly rank for. I'm a newbie to the world of blogging and I'm still trying to wrap my head around SEO. I remember hearing about SEO and feeling overwhelmed by the idea of trying to create content that MIGHT rank. I really love how simple...." Read Full Review
"I love that it's already done the heavy lifting for me.. Instead of me trying to pick a blog topic and then try to figure out the keyword research, with rankIQ I have much more data to start with and then can tweak my post to improve the chances of ranking well with no guessing involved. I'm so much happier blogging this way vs. trying to pay someone to do the SEO for me after I've already...." Read Full Review
"I have been using RankIQ for about a month, and I'm very excited about what I see here. Before RankIQ, I used Semrush - one of the biggest SEO tools in the market. I had to spend very long hours and days running my keyword research to find good niche topics and keywords. In RankIQ, the founder already hand-picked the keywords in each niche for all users. What I had to do was simply just..." Read Full Review
"I love how much time RankIQ saves. I can find keywords quickly and easily by selecting my niche. I instantly get reports and optimize my post based on topics and subtopics Google wants to see. I get instant recommendations for creating posts that can rank on the 1st page of Google. I love optimizing my posts using RankIQ because I get instant feedback in real-time. RankIQ shows me the content...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is easy to use, and fast. it's possible to get various keyword reports in minutes and it allows you to save searches, filter by niche and also see other key metrics, fundamental to formulating a post on the subject. I haven't been using it long enough to know if I have ranked well yet or not but it has definitely helped me to focus on the quality of my writing and how important it is to...." Read Full Review
"I'm new to blogging, so very new to SEO. The thought of hours upon hours of keyword research seems daunting. Rank IQ speeds up the process for me. It helps me understand what factors are necessary to rank my blog when it comes to SEO...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ simplifies the blog writing process and helps writers focus on what matters most, which is, keywords your blog can actually rank for on page one. Brandon has tested all the market-leading software and trimmed the fat so you only see what matters and are not distracted for hours scrolling through data that won't help your blog get more visitors. Brandon goes above and beyond by making...." Read Full Review
"I love the already built-in keyword niche folders that are ready for you to browse by your select niche. You can use that to create your own keyword folder and keep your targeting in line. I also love that I no longer have to use several services, but I can use RankIQ for them all. In essence, I am saving time and money by using RankIQ and I am loving the results so far...." Read Full Review
"I no longer feel stuck in my writing...." Read Full Review
"What I love about RankIQ is that the keywords are pre-filtered. One of the biggest struggles for people new to keyword research is sifting through millions of keywords to find the few that can rank. RankIQ helps you narrow down the list so you can get to making content right away...." Read Full Review
"The Content Optimizer tool saves me so much time when I am updating an old post or writing a new post. The missing keywords and topics show me where to zero in my focus and allow me to write quickly. The grade ranking really helps me know when I have created the best post possible. Also when I run a report for a new keyword it returns results so incredibly fast. The whole tool is a time saver...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ AI Software is truly an amazing SEO tool that's become my favorite blogging software to date. While, I've used several different SEO tools in the past, nothing comes close to the simplicity and measurable results that RankIQ delivers. Whether you're new to SEO and blogging or an experienced SEO genuis with years of experience, you can save time, eliminate cumbersome keyword research and...." Read Full Review
"I love the keyword suggestions because it helps add necessary information to the post. I can organize and write more informative posts with the help of RankIQ. I can go back and update older posts and add better keywords and LSI words. There are hundreds of post ideas to choose from, as well. The owners of RankIQ are quick to answer questions and listen to requests. They are constantly making...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ not only provides the keywords to use in your post title but also provides guidance on words to use throughout the content, length that your content should be and a ranks if A to F on how your content should perform in search. These features in the optimizer within RankIQ makes it feel like I have an SEO expert sitting in my office with me as I write content. RankIQ does the keyword...." Read Full Review
"It takes the guess work out of writing for SEO. And if I can't find something, they'll find it for me...." Read Full Review
"I have been using RankIQ for a couple of months and I am already very satisfied with the results. I am using RankIQ on a daily basis to identify keywords that I can easily rank with on Google's first page. I can also see a lot of expertise and know-how implemented in the tool. Totally recommend it! The subscription to the tool is also very affordable, also for beginner bloggers...." Read Full Review
"You can get started with a keyword you've already researched or browse for ideas of easy to rank for specific keywords using the keyword library. Once you have a keyword for your post, RankIQ will help you perfect your post! Just copy over your post content and easily see suggestions, keywords to add, and craft the perfect title with the tool that analyzes common words within the post title...." Read Full Review
"I grab all the suggested keywords for a topic and add it to my post draft. Then I add those keywords to the post as I am writing it. It is reverse engineering for the way I used to write posts but this saves so much time...." Read Full Review
"First of all, the customer service is top notch. I have sent in a few feature suggestions and some have already been added in the newest update. Second, RankIQ is unlike some of the other products out there (BiQ, surfer, ubbersuggest) in that it tells you WHAT to write about not just gives you information on the words you are thinking about...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ has easily been the best investment I have made for my blog. The keyword research that is included with the monthly fee is worth the price alone. I have over a year's worth of blog articles lined up thanks to this feature. When I first signed up for RankIQ, my blog niche did not have a keyword section included in their list. I emailed the company to ask if they planned on adding new...." Read Full Review
"I love that RankIQ allows me to quickly and easily see opportunities within my niche that I could potentially rank for! It has saved me so much time! It's also such a great price point compared to the other keyword tools I've tried...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ helps me find what topics I need to cover for my blog niche. The AI-driven report shows me what the competition is writing for any keyword phrase and what content I need to include for a comprehensive article. I feel like they've thought of everything. The keyword libraries are extensive and growing every day. The personalized customer service has been exemplary. Not only is this tool...." Read Full Review
"I love that RankIQ is easy to use as a new blogger. It does not flood you with superfluous statistics and metrics. From the homepage, you have the option to select a niche and see low competition phrases, OR you can enter your target keywords and run a report. RankIQ then analyzes the top content in Google, and the AI tells you exactly which words to include, what topics will get you noticed...." Read Full Review
"My favorite aspect of Rank IQ is the keyword library. This library is the ultimate time saver for me! I used to spend hours and hours trying to find the best keywords for my niche that were easy to rank for and had high search volume, and now I don't have to. I just utilize the keyword research library. Another one of my favorite part's about Rank IQ is the AI generated reports that tell you...." Read Full Review
"Brandon really thought for the growing blogger when he created RankIQ. He takes into account every little detail of keyword research, right down to a website's domain authority. Not only does he have a search bar to utilize, but he's created results for niche topics that he regularly updates to ensure the competition for keywords doesn't get too high. He is truly invested in the blogging...." Read Full Review
"I like that I'm seeing results almost immediately. I've been using the keywords in RankIQ's database and seeing results within a few weeks on almost all the articles I've written. It's also given me ideas for new content, not just my usual type of articles but some new subjects that I think my readers (and search engines) will find of value...." Read Full Review
"Rank IQ has helped me uncover some gold nugget keywords I never would have found in SEMRush. I didn't realize how competitive the keywords I had been writing about actually were. It's no wonder I was only ranking well for 1 out of every 20 or 30 posts. With Rank IQ I'm already starting to see some of my new posts moving up the rankings after just one month...." Read Full Review
"For me the best things about RankIQ is the keyword library! I'm a fairly new blogger and have found it hard to get to grips with SEO and find good keywords. Since I started using the keywords in the RankIQ library my blog (which has a low domain authority) is already ranking on the first page of google for many of the terms! This happened in less than a month and I've already seen an...." Read Full Review
"Without taking much time to learn the intricacies of what the tool can do properly, I could generate some excellent lists of related terms that are very comprehensive. They'll help me put together a brief that gets fantastic content from a writer...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ has taken away any confusion I had about blogging. From knowing the right keywords to write about to ensuring my posts had the best quality content possible, it has make writing posts so much easier. It has also saved me hours of searching for the right keyword since good quality keywords are listed out by niche on RankIQ...." Read Full Review
"The most time-consuming portion of blog writing is the keyword research phase. During the keyword research phase, I would spend 80-120 hours on Ahrefs using their clunky keyword research tool. Now, with Brandon's years of experience, RankIQ has 1000's of hand-picked, low competition, high-traffic keywords specific to my niche that I can trust will rank, along with how long it will take to rank...." Read Full Review
"I'm split between the content optimiser and the keyword libraries as my favourite feature so far. Both are really useful, one to help me increase the chance of ranking for the content I'm creating. The other for finding new ideas and even simple ways to get more traffic...." Read Full Review
"I love that so much of the work is already done for you. If I am short on time but need a keyword fast I know I can count on RankIQ to give me a keyword I can rank fast for...." Read Full Review
"It's very user-friendly and easy to use. The content optimizer helps me format and create content that I know Google will love. I love that there are keywords for my niche already picked out for me. Using RankIQ takes the guessing out of blogging. It's a blueprint for success...." Read Full Review
"It's very user-friendly and easy to use. The content optimizer helps me format and create content that I know Google will love. I love that there are keywords for my niche already picked out for me. Using RankIQ takes the guessing out of blogging. It's a blueprint for success...." Read Full Review
"Foolproof Solution to SEO needs...." Read Full Review
"It's very user-friendly and easy to use. The content optimizer helps me format and create content that I know Google will love. I love that there are keywords for my niche already picked out for me. Using RankIQ takes the guessing out of blogging. It's a blueprint for success...." Read Full Review
"I love the grade check in the optimizer. There is nothing better than getting an A++ after working hard to write your post and seeing it begin to rank so quickly...." Read Full Review
"Move quickly with your content creation by identifying keywords you need to use, easily. I enjoy the quick and easy setup, suggestions, and the ability to review existing content with suggestions as well...." Read Full Review
"It saves me time with keyword research and once I pick my topic, it shows me some high quality posts to review that I would be competing against. For the price, this is the best investment I've made in my business...." Read Full Review
"What I like most about RankIQ is that it's constantly learning, and giving users more and more SEO keyword insight as the database continues to grow...." Read Full Review
"I love the keyword library. Just about every niche is covered, and if it isn't, Brandon will do keyword research to add it to the library for you. This has helped me get posts planned, months in advance...." Read Full Review
"The support is top shelf! New updates are coming out frequently. Just wanted to highlight the fact this software tool is new and the support team is very eager to help customers and improve the tool. This shows in the response times and the willingness to receive suggestions for updates/improvements, etc...." Read Full Review
"The keyword research for SEO is first rate. If you want to rank at the top of Google's listings for your blog posts, look no further. This is the exact all that you need to do all your competition research and find out exactly how to write your blog post to rank in the top three...." Read Full Review
"It does so much of the guesswork for me! Before RankIQ, I would have to go off of my own guesswork and vague guidelines of creating rich keywords for blog posts. Now, I can use RankIQ to help solidify my game-plan and take things to a whole new level...." Read Full Review
"I've been using RankIQ for a few weeks now and I've already published several blog posts using this tool that have helped me make keyword research a piece of cake. I've already planned out and scheduled my content for the year thanks to RankIQ in just a couple hours. It's such a great tool to direct you to understanding what to blog about and the keywords needed to rank. It's a tool that is...." Read Full Review
"I love the keyword suggestions, title observations, and post-length comparisons. Rank IQ basically does the research for me. I can also see how quickly I might be able to rank for different keywords...." Read Full Review
"There are four main things I really like about RankIQ: 1) That RankIQ shows the real estimated traffic for the whole article and not just for the exact keyword. That's a big advantage over the competitors such as Ahrefs, Semrush, KeySearch, Ubersuggest, etc. 2) The competition difficulty is more accurate than the difficulty, which the competitors show. 3) Ease of use. RankIQ is very...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is a new type of SEO tool that's not like any I've used previously. Their SEO reports are some of the most detailed I've seen. There AI can literally do more than an hour's worth of research in under 2 minutes. Their Content Optimizer has already become invaluable at helping me crafts semantically optimized articles that still read like they were written for humans and not an algorithm...." Read Full Review
"The keyword library. It is so useful and I have found content threads I had never considered. I love the AI reports as they mean I write super efficient outlines before I start writing a post (which I never did before). And the new featured allowing ranking of the KW library is fantastic...." Read Full Review
"Writing with the optimizer has taken my work to the next level and I'm already ranking for several posts after just a few weeks...." Read Full Review
"I love that RankIQ has keywords that are directly related to my niche, so I always have plenty of things to write about. The tool is easy to use, and I've only needed to reach out for help once - which I got quickly. After using RankIQ for a little over a month, I'm already writing much more comprehensive content and spending way less time doing all the research myself. My traffic is steadily...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ has expedited my SEO strategy ten-fold! Rather than spend countless hours sifting through keywords, this software fetches all the low-hanging fruit for me. Additionally, the content analysis is phenomenal and priced well. I was able to turn some of my old crusty posts and resurrect them. Moreover, I've been able to knock out content briefs like they're going out of style. The interface...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ has a detailed list of words that are commonly used in other posts for a certain keyword, and the tutorial provides instructions on how to utilize this list to create an outline for a high-quality post. This is so helpful and saves me time as it focuses me on the content that matters...." Read Full Review
"What I love most is how easy it is to use. No learning curve, only took a few moments to figure it all out. The video included with the subscription was available right away to help teach how RankIQ works...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ takes the guesswork out of content creation. You plug in your key phrase and it literally tells you how many words and more importantly what words to use...." Read Full Review
"The best feature is Rank IQ provides a blog post outline for you with very little work required. Its a huge time saver and eliminates a lot of guessing about what might work...." Read Full Review
"I am seeing some excellent results from using RankIQ to help write on smart topics and improve my posts. Also, I feel that it has actually helped me to become a better writer by beginning to understand what my writing flaws were and how to fix them...." Read Full Review
"Not only does RankIQ offer you a monumental database of keywords, but it's AI technology even advises you on what to include in any blog post you create! No longer do you have to sit and wonder what to write about, everything is laid out for you, even down to a suggested word count that will help your post rank higher...." Read Full Review
"RankIQ is a gamechanger for anyone who wants to have keyword research at their fingertips. I've tried the big SEO players but got bogged down with complicated stats and reports, which, although useful, I need to be more productive with my time. Rank IQ gives you a list of keywords in seconds - keywords that you can actually rank for without too much difficultly. I highly recommend this tool...." Read Full Review
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"RankIQ takes the work out of finding keywords...." Read Full Review
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Brandon's Comeback Story

I overcame being beaten up and bullied as a teen to become a successful entrepreneur in my twenties. As I entered my thirties, a rare health disorder severely disabled me, and I battled against the odds to regain my health so that I could help my pregnant wife with her fight against cancer. I went on to found the SEO software company RankIQ, and I now get over 50 million monthly visitors to my blogs.