The Perfect Email Outreach Formula: Link Building on Steroids

By the time you’re finished going through this exclusive post, you will be an email outreach master. This will take your link building and your blog’s domain authority to the next level.

This inner circle post includes…

  • The seven statistically proven tactics to supercharge your link building
  • 7 subject line templates that will get you 50% more responses
  • The 4 point outreach formula of a top link building pro [Video]
  • The secret tactic for finding anyone’s email address in seconds [Video]

All the findings and stats are from a landmark study on email outreach, which was performed by Backlinko and Pitchbox. They analyzed over 12 million outreach emails to find out what works best. Whether you are trying to land a guest post, host a roundup post, or turn a mention into a backlink, these seven findings will dramatically increase the response rate of your emails.

#1. Most outreach emails are ignored. 

Out of the 12 million emails that were tracked, only 8.5% of them received a response. The reason for this is because most people are sending out generic emails. These are destined to go straight to trash. As a blogger, you have probably received your fair share of these emails.

#2. Longer subject lines have a 24.6% higher response rate than shorter subject lines.

Subject lines between 36 and 50 characters received the highest response rate, and 1 to 15 character subject lines had the lowest response rate.

Over time people have been conditioned to be suspicious of short subject lines because they are commonly used by spammers and phishing attempts.

#3. A personalized subject line increases the response rate by 30.5%.

This is a well-known stat for email marketing as a whole, and it clearly applies to outreach emails also. The extra personalization makes your emails stand out among the emails that put limited effort into their subject lines.

Subject lines like “hey,” “your blog,” and “following up” will give the person you are emailing no clue to what’s in the actual email. That makes them ignore it, trash it, or mark it as spam. 

Impersonal Subject Line (BAD)
Get More Blog Traffic

Personalized Subject Line (GOOD)
I Can Increase’s Organic Traffic by 83%

Outreach Subject Line Templates with High Response Rates

Connecting with an Influencer.
[Full Name of a Mutual Friend] said we should get in touch
ex: James Thomas said we should get in touch

Cold Contacting an Influencer.
[Name], I have a quick question about [A Topic they Wrote About]
Congrats on [A Recent Accomplishment], [First Name]
Hey [First Name], I’ve got a question about [Their Biz or Blog Name]

Roundup Post.
[First Name of Blogger], what is your best tip for a [Topic of Roundup]

Podcast Guest.
I would like to feature [business or blog name] on my podcast

Guest Post.
[First Name], I’d love to be your writer for a day
[First Name], I’d love to see this type of post on your blog

#4. A personalized message within the body of an outreach email improves the response rate by 32.7%.

All you have to do is take the time to add the person’s name to the greeting. Instead of starting your email out with a generic “Hi,” you will change it to “Hi Brandon.”

A Walk-through of Ahrefs’ Perfect Email Outreach Formula

This video takes you through the 4 point formula that has gotten them thousands of backlinks.

Timestamps for the video above:
1:47 – Find the right email address for the right person
3:50 – Write a solid pitch
6:38 – Use tools that support bulk email sending
8:08 – Set up a follow-up sequence

#5. Having a signature with social media profile links increases the response rate.

A signature with a Twitter link increased the response rate by 8%. A LinkedIn profile link increased it by 11%, and an Instagram profile increased it by 23%.

If you are doing a text-only email, then you can include a sentence in your signature that reads, “Follow me on Twitter and Instagram” (with Twitter and Instagram linked up to your profile pages).

A separate study by Boomerang identified the email closings with the highest response rate.

Template for your email outreach signature.

Thanks in advance,
James Thomas
Chief Blogger, FoodHound
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram

#6. Outreach email sequences with multiple attempts to multiple contacts increase the response rate by over 150%.

A single follow up message will boost replies by 65.8%. 

Most pro bloggers get upwards of 100 emails a day. If you send two emails, it increases your chances of at least one of those emails being seen.

Sending more than one email to multiple contact email addresses improves the response rate by 93%. This tactic is not going to be used with single author blogs, but it is very effective with larger sites that have multiple writers and editors.

How to Find Someone’s Email in Seconds

Link to the free chrome extension by

#7. The guest and roundup post email outreach had the highest response rates across all topics.

Guest post emails had a 24.7% response rate, and roundup posts had a response rate of 23.8%.  Both of these have high response rates because you are giving the recipient something that is valuable.

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