How to Find Ghost Blog Writers on Fiverr (+Screencast)

In this growth hack, I will teach you how I have been able to find quality writers on Fiverr for a fraction of the cost that most pro bloggers pay for content.

This article includes the following.

  • Step-by-step written instructions with screenshots
  • A 10-minute screencast video with a walkthrough
  • Swipe copy of the instructions template I give Fiverr writers

Not every blogger needs to have a staff of writers, but it is always good to have at least one writer on call. The reason for this is that there are going to be occasional life events that prevent you from being able to write for weeks or months at a time. On those occasions, having a writer to do the research and give you a first draft will be a lifesaver.

What Bloggers are Paying Ghost Writers Per Article
Growth Badger’s survey of high-income bloggers found that, on average, they pay $347 for an article.

Let me start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with paying $347 for a high-quality piece of content. However, for most bloggers, that number is just too high, and it makes it hard to get a return on your investment in a reasonable amount of time.

Over the years, I have perfected a process for finding above-average writers for about $49 per 1000 words. Even if you assume that the $347 is for a long-form 2000 word article, then it would still leave me at paying $98 vs. $347.

Fiverr writers are great for completing the heavy lifting for writing a post. You get a C to a B quality post, but with an hour of work, it can become an A quality post. This can easily save you 2 to 4 hours of work per post.

Orbit Media’s blogger survey revealed that the bloggers spending at least 6 hours crafting a blog post are getting the best results.

Cutting down your time from 6 hours to 2 hours per post will increase your post-production by 300%. Three times the amount of posts typically translates to three times the amount of traffic and income.

I used Fiverr exclusively for finding writers for many years. Today, I do a mix of Upwork and Fiverr. Upwork requires more upfront money and time investment and is much more complicated than Fiverr. For most bloggers, Fiverr is going to be the best path to finding your first writer.

My Process for Finding Quality Writers on Fiverr
You can read along as I walk you through my entire process with instructions and screenshots, or you can watch the ten-minute screencast below.

Step 1 – Get to the Articles & Blog Posts Section in Fiverr
To get to where the writers are in Fiverr, you will click on the Writing and Translation link in the main navigation, and a drop-down menu with show up. Then click on the Articles & Blog posts link.

Step 2 – Avoid Pro Services
At the top right-hand side of the page, you can toggle the “Pro Services” switch to see all the Pro Verified Writers. These are vetted professionals verified for quality. While most of these will be great writers, it is going to be way too pricey for new bloggers and even pro bloggers that are not making well beyond 6 figures in income. The average cost for a 2000 word post, via pro services, is $500.

Step 3 – Seller Details and Budget
In the Articles and Blog posts section, you will have four drop downs to customize your search results. I use the seller details and budget drop-downs. For the seller details, I check top-rated sellers and level two sellers.

Under where the seller lives, I check off the United States. While you can find some good writers from Canada and the UK, I only use US writers. UK and Canadian writers spell some words differently, and their conversational tone is a bit different.

For the budget drop-down, I select $50 as my max budget.

By selecting top-rated sellers, level two sellers, that live in the United States, and have a $50 max cost per article, it takes you from 38,000+ writers to less than 400 writers.

Step 4 – Add Writers to Favorites with High Ratings
From the writers left, I focus on the ones with over 50 total ratings that have a perfect 5-star rating. A 4.8 or 4.9 may sound high, but these writers usually are pretty low quality.

I also stay away from anyone that mentions SEO in their title. They also tend to be below average quality. This will leave you around 100 writers to choose from.

Step 5 – Test Three Writers at a Time
When you test writers, you should use three different writers to test for the same post with identical instructions. By doing this, it will allow you to test apples to apples to find out which writer is the best. 

My Instructions Template
Here is a sample set of instructions, which uses my five-point template.

#1 Include the word count you need.

#2 Give the writer a descriptive title.

#3 Url of a blog post with the format and post type you want.
Examples: list post vs. how to post

#4 Three posts where the writer will get their info from.
Do a Google search for the topic and identify the three posts that have the best information.

#5 Ask them to send their work to you in a word doc.
If you don’t, then many will send it in a PDF.

Swipe Copy to Use for Your Fiverr Orders

I need a (Insert Word Count) word article. Here is the title of the article:
(Insert Descriptive Title)

Please use the following format that can be seen on this blog post:
(Insert a URL of a post with the format you want them to use)

I would like you to focus your research on the following three posts.
(Insert Three URLs with Great Content)

Please send the completed work product via a Word document.

Thank you.

If all three writers fall below your expectations, then rinse and repeat with three more writers.

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