Page Views Boost Growth Hack

Most bloggers are sitting on a gold mine of guaranteed extra page views and are doing nothing about it. In this episode, I’m going to teach you something I call the Sister Post Growth Hack. It is one of a select few tactics that is guaranteed to deliver instant targeted page views for every blog post you publish.

The average blogger does very little to optimize their average page views per session. While there are many tactics to help improve this number, there is one that stands alone above them all, that is creating a targeted call to action at the end of the post that teases a post, which is exactly what the reader wants to read next.

Let’s start by identifying the posts that you will want to apply this growth hack to. You’re going to go into your Google analytics and download the post with the most monthly page views. This is pretty straight forward, you want to apply this growth hack to the post with the most visitors because it will create the most additional page views. Once you have your list of posts, then you are going to review each post, one at a time, to determine if you have an existing post that qualifies as a sister post. A sister post is going to be a blog post that is directly related to the high traffic post that you’re adding the call to action tease to.

Here are a few examples of qualifying sister posts. The high traffic post is, How to Write a Guest Post. The sister post is, 21 High Domain Authority Blogs to Write Guest Posts for. The next example, the high traffic post is, Seven Tips for Nailing Your First Podcast Interview. The sister post here would be, 15 Ways to Get More Podcast Interviews. And finally, the high traffic post would be, How to Create a Killer Resume, and the sister post would be, 10 Best Job Sites to Submit Your Resume to.

A common mistake that even the pros make is to try to squeeze in an existing post that is not a perfect fit to act as the sister post. If you don’t have a qualifying sister post from your existing posts, then identify the perfect topic and add it to your post planner. Once you have identified an existing sister post, or created a sister post, then it is time to make the targeted tease. The targeted tease takes the place of a simple call to action with an internal link to the related post. Instead of having a definitive conclusion paragraph at the end of the blog post, you will continue rolling from the last sentence of your post topic into the tease for the sister post. The tease will go straight into the first couple of tips of the sister post before linking out.

Let me walk you through an example using the resume post. As you wrap up the final tactic for how to create a killer resume in your high traffic post, you will say, “Here Are the 10 Best Job Sites to Submit Your Resume to.” After that, you will list out the first two job sites with a number one and number two, followed by a one or two-sentence description. Your sister posts will go into more details on each of these job sites once they click over. The teaser is designed to be straight to the point to pique their interest. After the second job site, you will follow that with a call to action that reads, “Go see the entire list of best job sites to submit your resume to.” Once you’ve added your teaser, then you will adjust your intro for the high traffic post.

Sticking with the resume example, here’s what the lead sentences of the intro would become, “In this post, I’m going to teach you the secret tactics that will allow your resume to stand out from the crowd and get you a steady flow of job interviews. After the resume tactics, I will share a couple of the top job sites to submit your killer resume to.” This intro hits what you’re going to cover in the article and in the tease. This sets expectations and makes for a smooth transition once the visitor gets to the tease.

Google’s algorithm wants articles to answer the next question and keep the reader engaged. The algorithm actually keeps track of how often a searcher hits the back button to return to Google to search for the next question. They reward the post that answers the next question by moving them up in the rankings.

There are three awesome outcomes from using the Sister Post Growth Hack. Number one, you get instant page views for new sister posts. Number two, it gives you instant income for more ad impressions. And number three, it’ll give you higher rankings on the high traffic posts from an increased dwell time.

Now here’s a quick summary of the Growth Hack. Step one, identify a post with the highest page views. Step two, find posts or create posts that answer the next question. Step three, create a partial tease that links to the sister post at the end of the high traffic post. And step four, create a lead in the intro that foreshadows the tease

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